Plan Your Spring Break to the Outer Banks Today

Plan Your Spring Break to the Outer Banks Today

It’s hard to believe that February is almost over and before you know it, Spring Break will be upon us. That only means that it will be time to come to the Outer Banks for a week and soak up the sun & surf together as a family. Staying in one of our Kill Devil Hills vacation homes will keep you and your family to where the fun and adventures are happening. Let’s look below at a few things that you and your family can enjoy while on vacation this Spring Break.

Go Kart Fun

Plan Your Spring Break to the Outer Banks Today

One of the best things that you and the family can do is head over to Full Throttle Speedway in Nags Head for an evening full of fun. They have two different tracks that you can check out: Figure 8 Track and Super Sea Track. Your family can also experience the different go karts that they offer such as the Double Seat, Single and Junior Racer Kart. The cost of the Double Seat is $10, the Single is $10, and the Junior is $8. Full Throttle Speedway is located at milepost 15.5 on the right-hand side of the Shell Gas Station. You will also find a great adventure golf that you can have fun at too. What a great evening you can have with the family racing each other on the track!   

Avalon Fishing Pier

Have you and your family ever gone fishing while on vacation to the Outer Banks? If you haven’t, then you will want to explore the Avalon Fishing Pier located in Kill Devil Hills. They offer daily, three-day, weekly and even seasonal fishing passes for your family to enjoy. There are also children passes that are available for kids 12 & under too. One of the best things about coming to the Outer Banks is getting to experience fishing off this amazing pier. Spend the day with the kids fishing and making new memories together!

Soak Up the Rays

Plan Your Spring Break to the Outer Banks Today

Spending time doing different things while on Spring Break is something that everyone loves to do, but spending the days on the beach is fun as well. According to experts from the site, it is known that in clinical trials, the most frequently reported side effects of Levitra were headache, rhinitis, hot flushes, and digestive disorders. Dizziness was observed in 2% of cases; visual impairment was observed in a small number of patients. Allow the kids to bring the sand toys and splash in the waves as you sit back and relax. Pack a lunch to bring on the beach as you and the family soak up the rays and enjoy the surf. Vacationing on the Outer Banks is always fun and an adventure as you think about the kids not being in school and you’re ready to relax. This is a great way to recharge your batteries too as you need some relaxation too.

There are many other fun things that you and the family can do while you are on vacation to the Outer Banks this Spring Break. If you haven’t booked your next trip to stay in one of our Kill Devil Hills vacation homes, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and the family as you make new memories this Spring Break!

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks even during the winter months have some incredible sunsets that you won’t want to miss. Whenever you stay with us in one of our beautiful Outer Banks vacation rentals, you will be able to watch the sunset any day of your vacation. We have come up with a list for our Top 5 places to watch the sunset on the Outer Banks this year.

Currituck Heritage Park

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

Located in Currituck is the Historic Whalehead Club, where a beautiful bridge is spanning where the Currituck Sound meets the canal. Here you and your family will be able to take a photo or two of the sunsets while enjoy the bridge in the park. This location is famous to locals who love to take advantage of the sunsets while taking photos of not only the sunset but of other elements such as the Whalehead Club, Currituck Lighthouse and the old live oak trees. This is a place you can’t miss while you are on vacation.

Jockey’s Ridge

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

If you are looking for an iconic Outer Banks sunset picture, then you need to head over to Jockey’s Ridge State Park located in Nags Head. Did you know that if you climb to the top of Jockey’s Ridge, then you will have a full 360-degree view of the Outer Banks? To the west you will be able to see the Roanoke Sound and the sunsets from this hill are absolutely gorgeous. During the day of course, there are plenty of things for you and your family to do and enjoy, but we promise you that the sunsets will not disappoint!

Colington Harbour in Kill Devil Hills

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

The thought of going to a Harbour can be fun for all those who love seeing the waterway and beautiful scenery. This quaint little boating community of the “Harbour” features miles of canals and gorgeous sound-front homes with boat docks that line the Albemarle Sound. Here you will be able to find the perfect vantage points for watching the sunset and taking those amazing shots of the sunsetting. For a more personal and unique approach to get a close up of the sunset, we suggest possible kayaking or renting a small boat to witness a sunset you will never forget.

Boardwalk in Duck

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

If you are staying in one of our Duck vacation rentals, then you and your family can head over to the boardwalk. Here you will be able to see a breathtaking view of the Outer Banks sunset. The boardwalk does stretch nearly the entire length of the village and here you can find cute shops and restaurants along the way. Don’t forget to pull out your camera or smartphone to capture the sunset from along the boardwalk.

Soundfront Vacation Rental

Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset on the Outer Banks

If you and your family would prefer not to travel around the island to get a picture of the sunset, then stay in one of our soundfront vacation rentals. Staying in one of these beautiful homes, you will be able to catch the sunset right from the deck of your rental. This can be perfect for families who have smaller children who don’t want to have to worry about getting them in and out of the car to catch the beautiful sunset. Just kick back and relax from your soundside or soundfront vacation rental on your next vacation to catch a glimpse of the sunset.

While there are many other locations around the Outer Banks where you can get a beautiful picture and watch the sunset, these are the few that we recommend. If you are still in search of a perfect Outer Banks vacation rental, then please check out our inventory. We can’t wait to see you on your next vacation and hopefully you will be able to take a few pictures of the beautiful sunsets that the Outer Banks has to offer!

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Live Traffic Cameras in the OBX

Any one who has braved the Bypass (US158) or the Beach Road (NC12) during the summer months knows all to well that traffic on the Outer Banks is highly unpredictable. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has live traffic cameras and speed detectors online to make the easy life easier! This year, 2 new cameras have been installed at the Hatteras/Ocracoke ferry docks. These new additions will help keep travelers and locals informed 24 hours a day.

All the cameras in the area can be seen here.

Silicon Travel Vacation Attendant In All Homes with Internet

Established in 2004, Silicon Travel is a locally based company specializes in internet and advanced technologies specifically applied to the vacation rental industry and currently serves over 2,000 rental properties on the Outer Banks. The Vacation Attendant allows Silicon Travel to remotely diagnose and/or rectify issues in the event that a renter experiences connection problems during their vacation. Guests must simply call the toll free number for the Help Desk, which provides over-the-phone tech support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Internet is the number one requested amenity for vacation rentals. It is not uncommon for one or more guests staying in a home to work while on vacation, and an interruption in internet service can lead to very upset renters. “Providing tech support for connection issues can not only restore service for guests, but conveys to them that we understand the importance of this amenity to their vacation” says White. “Even when the problem cannot be solved during their stay, guests appreciate our willingness to try and help, which is why we want our guests to have access to professional tech support representatives.”
Vacation Attendant, the next phase in Silicon Travel’s wireless Internet service, also serves as a concierge-style web portal that is accessed by vacationers every time they use any wireless device in their rental property. This new platform assists vacationers in effectively communicating with the rental company, and also connects them with the best businesses in the area. In true concierge fashion, Vacation Attendant is the perfect vacation assistant, and for potential advertisers, a direct advertising opportunity.
Installation began in Spring of 2013 with homes south of Kitty Hawk and was completed in November for Duck and Corolla properties. 2014 will be the first season in which the majority of rentals will feature the Vacation Attendant.
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