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"We want to thank you and all of the staff at Stan White for your professionalism, your assistance, your never-ending courteous customer service and also for the outstanding job in keeping our condo rented for the last 12 years. I must tell you that every time I have called Stan White over all these years for whatever reason, I always had a friendly, helpful person answer the phone and NEVER was forced to go straight to voice mail. What a bonus! Thank you for the fantastic job you all do." - D. & M. Hurd

"Jim was using his laptop computer (stock programming) when the Stan White Realty banner popped up at the top of the computer page. I guess it was in the revolving advertising feature. He opened it up and our house was featured along with other Stan White pet friendly homes. We were both very impressed with this feature and wanted to pass on our thanks to the leadership at Stan White. Your computer company is really the BEST AT THE BEACH and we appreciate the new COO and the Stan White staff. We are happy to be one of the top rental cottages… It's amazing -- Windgancon has not had to offer a discount yet this year!" - B. W. Steorts

"It pleases me that in an economic downturn your business seemed rosy and 'holding on'. For all of you, as well as for us cottage owners, I wish continued “great days on the Outer Banks." – G. Gillespie

"I just talked to the folks in our cottage and they are very happy (that is always good to hear!). She said the place is spotless! Our neighbor went in the house before the renters arrived (he’s a realtor) and he said it was the cleanest rental he had ever seen." - L. M.

"Your dedication toward my property can easily be seen through the bookings I have received so far this season (faster than any other year before). You have carefully set my rental rates that my vacationers have quickly acted upon in reservation what many deem a great value. Besides that, you have closely managed my property to assure any concerns my guests have are quickly and efficiently resolved. Once more, I want to thank you for giving me the service I expect and deserve. I want all to know I am very proud to be a member of the Stan White team." - Kurt

"Called our first summer renter within the last hour. He reported all was well, and they were happy with everything. Thank you and your team for working to fill up our summer weeks, even though it’s not a McMansion."- H. Gracey

"You exceeded our needs in every way. Keep up the good work and thank you for great communication and service… it exceeds all others." - D. Myers

"We are deeply touched by your kindness and readiness to help us with our different issues... We are looking forward to having another great year with you." - M.K.

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