Hurricane Season on the Outer Banks

Due to our location and unique island geography, hurricanes can potentially be a major threat to the Outer Banks. The high winds and surges associated with these powerful storms can cause devastating flooding to our area. Some may seem skeptical to the idea of booking their stay during the month of September because of hurricanes.

September is peak season for hurricanes, but truthfully anything along the Atlantic coast or near the Gulf of Mexico is fair game from June till November, and peak season is around mid-August through September. With that being said, purchasing travelers insurance isn’t a bad idea. It’s also somewhat crucial to overall be prepared to adjust your plans. We also recommend keeping an eye on sites like for seasonal forecasts and to track storm development within a week or two of your trip.

Stan White Realty offers Traveler Interruption Insurance with Red Sky Travel Insurance. Having this coverage will not only save your investment and possibly your vacation, but also give you peace of mind during such disasters. To purchase the policy, initial in the space provided on your lease agreement.

Other than being cautions of hurricanes, fall on the Outer Banks is hands down the best time of year to visit. Crowds are low, weather is comfortable, and the water temp is even still enjoyable. Prices also gradually are reduced during the beginning of the shoulder season. In fact, everything in all aspects is generally cheaper such as dining, shopping and accommodations. So don’t let the hurricane season change your mind about visiting the OBX during this time of year. Each year is different, it can be a season filled with a bunch of small storms or one large one. We only express the risk of hurricanes to keep you educated and informed on what could or could not happen.

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