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Outer Banks Weather

Current Weather Conditions

Monthly Averages

January 51° 36° 49° 4.7" 14mph
February 54° 37° 46° 3.2" 15mpd
March 60° 43° 42° 4.6" 15mph
April 69° 51° 59° 3.1" 14mph
May 76° 60° 68° 4.2" 13mph
June 83° 68° 74° 4.8" 12mph
July 86° 72° 78° 5.3" 11mph
August 85° 72° 80° 5.6" 12mph
September 81° 67° 77° 4.9" 14mph
October 71° 57° 70° 4.1" 14mph
November 63° 48° 58° 3.4" 14mph
December 55° 40° 55° 3.7" 15mph


Due to our location and unique island geography, hurricanes are a major threat to the Outer Banks. The high winds and surges associated with these powerful storms can cause devastating flooding to our area. Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. A Hurricane Watch means that a hurricane may threaten an area within 24 to 36 hours. A Hurricane Warning means that a hurricane is expected to affect the area within 24 hours.

Be prepared in case of a Hurricane evacuation:

  • Know the evacuation routes ahead of time.
  • As a hurricane moves closer to our area, begin monitoring the weather reports every hour on local radio and televisions stations, as well as online (see links below).
  • Don't get caught by surprise. Before the evacuation goes into effect, put fuel in all vehicles and withdraw cash from the bank. If necessary, make hotel reservations somewhere inland or along the way home.

Mandatory Evacuation Procedures for Stan White Realty

  • If a mandatory evacuation order is issued for Dare or Currituck County, guests must leave immediately. The longer you wait – the worse traffic will get. There is a possibility of getting trapped on the island if you wait too long to evacuate. There are NO shelters in Dare County, Currituck County, or Hyde County. All visitors must leave before residents can be evacuated.
  • We will first call all our guests who are currently staying in our rentals, followed by all guests who were scheduled to check in on the next turn day.
  • Pack up all of your belongings – don’t leave anything behind, even if there’s a chance you might be able to return to your vacation rental after the evacuation order has been lifted. Please either take all food with you, or throw away before you check out. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD IN THE HOUSE.
  • Return all keys to our office and notify us that you have checked out.
  • Depending on the duration of the storm and the severity of the damage, you may or may not be able to return for the remainder of your vacation. Even after the mandatory evacuation order for visitors has been lifted, please call our office before returning to your vacation rental to make sure it is safe for occupancy.

Important Links:

Keep in mind that only guests who purchased the Travelers Insurance in advance will be reimbursed for any lost rent due to a mandatory hurricane evacuation or storm damage. Travelers Insurance purchased after a storm has been named will NOT cover any lost rent due to said storm. Travelers Insurance ONLY offers coverage for MANDATORY evacuations, not voluntary evacuations or other cases of inclement weather.

Read more about Travelers Insurance and how it can save your vacation in the event of a disaster:
Click here for policy information from Red Sky Insurance (PDF)

Please see the Travel Interruption Insurance section of our Rental Policies page for additional details.

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