Dowdy Park Grand Opening

The grand opening of Dowdy Park is scheduled to take place on May 13th, 2017.  Dowdy Park is located in the northern portion of the town of Nags Head and sits on five acres of land formerly occupied by Dowdy Amusement Park.

The park will provide needed community gathering and recreational space to all residents of the Outer Banks.  It will include a play area inclusive for all ages and needs with an integration of art play elements and educational components for hands on learning.

The park will also feature garden areas and bike racks, and there is even an event plaza and pavilion along with the multi-use turf area.  This is designed for hosting events and activities such as concerts, performance, art shows, craftsman’s fair, outdoor classroom space for educational programs, and other community social gatherings.

Dowdy’s Amusement Park was opened in 1962 by Joe Dowdy.  The park was a feature attraction in the area for over 40 years.  Many locals and visitors alike have fond memories of summer vacations enjoying the old Dowdy Park.  The town anticipates the re-purpose of the site and hopes that Dowdy Park will help create new memories for upcoming generations.

Visit the Town of Nags Head website for the project timeline, updates and a schematic design.

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