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The Outer Banks Experience

Maybe you're considering the Outer Banks for your next vacation, and might still have a few other destinations in mind. Perhaps you're ready for the OBX, but certain family and friends still need convincing. Remind yourself and others why the Outer Banks of North Carolina is one of the most highly rated vacation destinations on the East Coast.


The Outer Banks was included in Away's Top Ten Cheap Beach Vacations worldwide, as well as USA Today's Five Classic Affordable U.S. Vacations. Centrally located on the East Coast and easily accessible, you can drive instead of fly and use your car instead of a rental. Shopping and dining prices are relatively lower than most beach vacation destinations. Beach access is public and free, everywhere and all the time, with plenty of free parking in most areas. Around town, you won't find the sky-high prices of typical resort areas. For the most part, we're a laid-back, family-friendly, simple-is-better island community. So go ahead, wear your flip-flops anywhere.


On our beaches, you won't find the carnival boardwalks or sky risers bordering the beach - only cottages, restaurants, and a few hotels. This limit to commercial development on the oceanfront allows for cleaner, wider beaches. Strict building codes and zoning ordinances with architectural design requirements and height restrictions help to sustain the small-town atmosphere of the Outer Banks. Numerous nature and preservation societies, as well as legislative initiatives, serve to maintain the area’s history, natural beauty, and ecology.


Did we mention the family-friendliness? Even if your party spans numerous generations, everyone will find something to love on the Outer Banks. From romantic getaways to kid-centric vacations, from girls-only trips to outdoor sports adventures, there's a variety of activities to keep everyone happy. Whether you're the non-stop explorer type, or just need to relax, you'll find what you're looking for on the Outer Banks. Visit our Concierge and see for yourself just how many ways you can spend your next vacation.


One word – temperate. While we do experience the occasional heat wave, in general even the hottest summer days can be enjoyed when accompanied by ocean breezes and dips in the pool. Spring, summer, and fall seem to blend together into, well, Summer. So come back in the off-season, because the mild temperatures and crisp blue skies of a beautiful May or November day on the Outer Banks are something to be experienced. (Another great off-season experience: having the extra spending money after paying only half what you would for in-season accommodations.)

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