Tips to Withstand Hot Summer Days/Nights

We’ve finally reached the true dog days of summer for the Outer Banks. The hotter and more humid days of the year. Listed here are a few tips to inform you on how to stay cool during these sensuous days of summer.

Bring lots of water:  Pack a cooler full of ice and bottled water and just keep drinking.  Please stay hydrated!  You can also bring hydrated snacks like watermelon, cucumber and other fruits to help you stay cool.  Stay away from sugary drinks such as sodas; they decrease the ability of your body to store water.  Also be careful while drinking alcoholic drinks.  Be sure to drink water in-between.

Take a dip to cool off

Take a dip:  While at the beach or by the sound, grab a spot close to the edge so you can take a quick dip without being too far from your stuff.  You can even place your chair in the water just so you can keep your feet wet.

cloudy weather

Look for clouds:  During cloudy days the weather is a little bit more forgiving.

beach umbrella for sun protection

Seek shade:  Umbrellas and canopies provide some much needed relief when you need a break from the sun.  You can also find some shade underneath the fishing piers.  Outer Banks Fishing Piers

How to apply sunscreen

Wear sunscreen:  Sunscreen doesn’t have a cooling effect but its protective effect is crucial during summer weather.  Sunburn can cause a fever and various signs of dehydration.  At the minimum, use SPF 15 or a better option of SPF 30. Reapply often!  Every two hours is ideal, or more often while swimming.

picnic on the beach

Make food without using the oven or stove:  Find foods that don’t need to be cooked, or don’t need heat to be cooked.  If you are cooking, keep the cool air in and the temperature down by using the microwave instead of the stove or oven.  Cool soups are great in warm weather.  As well as popsicles, slushies, frozen fruit, and other frozen treats to help you stay cooled down.

Use a fan to stay cool while you sleep


Stay cool while sleeping:  Lightweight cotton sheets are breathable and good for promoting ventilation and airflow. Wearing cotton clothes while sleeping is also recommended. Get a jump start on hydration by drinking a glass of water before bed.


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