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Outer Banks Property Management Services


When it comes to our cottage cleaners and inspectors, the Stan White Realty Housekeeping Department strives to provide an employee friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals can thrive. The department is committed to providing competitive quality and detail-oriented service. Policies and procedures set forth in the Housekeeping Employee Handbook ensure an environment in which both our owners’ and guests’ interests, as well as our housekeepers’ interests, are best served. Cleaners and inspectors are reminded that ultimately, their “boss” is the owner, the owner’s family, or the guests for whom they are cleaning the rental home. They have a number of responsibilities for meeting the Company’s standard of cleanliness and appearance. Their job not only requires technical know-how, but people skills as well. Cleaners and inspectors are expected to always conduct themselves as if the homeowner or guest was looking over their shoulder while they work. In order to ensure a thorough clean and minimize the chance of details being overlooked, our cleaners and inspectors are provided with a White Glove Checklist and Weekly Inspection Sheet for each job, along with notes and other requirements for that specific property. Inspections follow each clean to confirm that all standards have been met before the guest is permitted to check in. Inspectors, as well as cleaners, are responsible for reporting damage, missing inventory, and general wear and tear.


Our maintenance department employs a maintenance manager, assistant manager, and multiple year round maintenance techs that are available to conduct in-house service work on your property. Each tech possesses the skills and experience necessary to evaluate maintenance needs and issues, and to determine the most cost-effective solution. They each have a fully stocked maintenance van at their disposal which allows them to complete as much work as quickly as possible before contracting a third party vendor. In-house services include but are not limited to:

Filter changes, smoke alarm maintenance, high-rise light bulb replacement, hardware repairs and replacement, storm preparation, pre-season HV/AC checks, winterizations and de-winterizations, limited carpentry, minor mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues, inventory replacement (i.e. propane, small appliances, etc.), amenity assistance and troubleshooting (i.e. Internet connection, electronics, mechanical operations, etc.).

All work that cannot be performed in-house will be subcontracted out to your preferred vendors. The maintenance department will handle the estimating, scheduling, and supervision of all work performed by third party companies.


Managing rental income can be overwhelming for a homeowner, especially when it comes to real estate law compliance. Our accounting department is here to make sure funds are collected and disbursed accurately, timely, and lawfully. Every month, you will receive a financial statement via e-mail, and your revenue will be directly deposited into your account. It is important to note that having your property management company handle the billing for third party vendors alleviates a substantial burden when it comes to filing your yearly income taxes.


One of the most important aspects of property management is the marketing and promotion of your home to prospective renters. In today’s rental marketing, we have found that online advertising is the most productive avenue. In partnership with Intercoastal Net Designs, one of the leading web designing companies in the vacation industry, we’ve launched a new responsive website equipped with the latest features and functionality that will not only assist guests in their search but will streamline booking, payment, and communication. Examples include Live Chat, GuestWeb, Featured Properties, advanced search capability, property locations on Google Maps, Share with a Friend (allows guests to e-mail one or more properties to friends and family).


Expert Knowledge and Consultation

Our licensed property managers are here to guide you through the many decisions involved with renting your beach home. They stay up to date on the ever-changing laws and regulations of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC), as well as gain local and industry insight through active memberships with associations such as the Outer Banks Association of Realtors (OBAR) and the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA).

Experienced in the area’s competitive vacation rental market, property managers make suggestions as to how you can make your home stand out from the crowd. They work with you to determine rates based on supply and demand, comparative market analysis, and, as always, your individual requirements. Your property manager will provide an annual report with your Property Management Agreement (PMA) that will address issues and provide valuable information based on guest feedback.



Seven days a week, there will always be a staff available to assist you. You always have the option to work with the property manager you prefer. Our managers also serve as liaisons between homeowners and their guests, as well as vendors. When conflicts arise, managers aim to resolve issues in the most compromising way possible, but first and foremost, in the best interest of the homeowner.

In addition to working with our staff, owners can maintain contact via  an online dashboard called Owner X, where they track the status of reservations, work orders, accounting transactions, and other aspects of their home’s management.

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