What You Should Know About Hurricane Season on the Outer Banks

The location and unique geography of the Outer Banks causes hurricanes to potentially be a major threat. The high winds and surges associated with these powerful storms can cause devastating flooding to the area. Hurricane season starts in June and lasts through the end of November but it should not restrict your plans to vacation on the Outer Banks. Educate yourself about what to do in the event of an impending storm.

The peak season for hurricanes in this area is mid-August through September. Knowing that, it would be wise to purchase travelers insurance when you have that option. It’s also important to remain flexible with your plans. While planning a vacation during hurricane season it’s wise to keep an eye on sites like for seasonal forecasts and to track storm development within a week or two of your trip.

If you’re on vacation during a hurricane watch, contact us about our hurricane preparedness plan. During a hurricane warning, carefully follow the directions of local officials in your area, and immediately leave if they advise it. In the event of an extreme wind warning/advisory, which means that extreme sustained winds of 115 mph or higher are expected to begin within an hour, immediately take shelter in the interior portion of a well-built structure.

Stan White Realty offers Traveler Interruption Insurance with Red Sky Travel Insurance. Having this coverage will save your investment and possibly your vacation, and also give you peace of mind during such disasters. To purchase the policy, initial in the space provided on your lease agreement.

The fall months on the Outer Banks are the best time of year to visit. Summer crowds have returned home, the weather is comfortable, and the water temp is still enjoyable. Prices also go down during the beginning of the shoulder season. In fact, everything in all aspects is generally cheaper such as dining, shopping and accommodations during this time.

Each year the weather is different, just like anywhere else. It can be a season filled with a bunch of small storms or one large one. Following are some valuable links to check out:

Outer Banks Weather
Red Sky Traveler Interruption Insurance

The National Hurricane Center has the most up-to-date information on hurricane developments, forecasts and weather alerts, discussions analyzing the data and more.

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