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maximizing your rental income on the OBX

Interview with a Rental Home:  4 Ways To Generate More Money From Your Rental Home

Everyone knows the basics of how to improve your rental home and it’s effectiveness to the market.  Sometimes, it’s just the little things that can have the biggest impact.  Think of it like a job interview, you can have all the qualifications in the world but so do others.  What little things can set you apart and make you the best hire.



New Pictures

Just like the old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Just like in an interview you want to put your best foot forward.  Having up to date and professional photography of your home can make a big difference in generating more rental income. We'll update your property photos so your home shines to prospective guests.




Just like adding a certification to your resume adding some basic things and letting the customer know can make a huge difference.  With the current state of the country people are cooking more so adding a well-appointed kitchen could attract those people looking to stay in.



Consider Pets

Be open to more areas of industry.  Yes, we know the potential of damage but sometimes taking a risk can lead to huge rewards.  One house that switched last year went from 11 to 25 weeks!



Extend Your Season

The industry is changing, and more people want a break from being cooped up in their home.  We have seen a tremendous change in the desire for off-season guests who just need a break.  Why not your home?


Join The Stan White Realty Family

With over 40 years in the property management business, Stan White Realty understands that it’s not always about throwing a ton of money into your rental to get more out of it.  We know that your home is important, and your money is not to be wasted on the “easy” solutions.  Anyone can tell you to remodel, add a pool or buy new furniture.  We want to think outside of the box and talk to you like we do all of our partners, like Family.


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